Range Safety Rules:

Safety – Everyone’s top priority!

Proper Etiquette with a Firearm at All Times- reckless, irresponsible or unsafe conduct with a firearm is completely unacceptable.

Our range is under constant electronic surveillance in several locations, including a live feed throughout our showroom floor– vulgarity or inappropriate gestures and conduct will not be tolerated).

Range Rules

  • No Horseplay – Period.
  • Load & unload from firing line only.
  • Controlled shooting only – no rapid rapid fire unless you are 100% confident you can keep every single shot on target. Otherwise, please slow down.
  • No drawing from a holster or concealement (Law Enforcement excluded).
  • No unsafe posing for pictures – it is unacceptable to point a gun at anyone for any reason, even if you know that it’s unloaded.
  • Please immediately report all unsafe conditions to range officer.
  • Always treat every gun as if it were loaded, even if you know it’s not.
  • Muzzle Discipline – make sure your guns stays pointed in a safe direction at all times, or at least until on target and prepared to fire.
  • Trigger Discipline – make sure to keep your finger out of the trigger guard until on target and prepared to fire.
  • Know Your Target and what lies beyond.
  • Please do not shoot at anything other than your target.
  • Educate Yourself – understand how to safely and effectively operate your handgun.
  • Routine Maintenance – make sure your handgun stays in proper working condition.
  • Take Responsibility – use the correct ammunition for your handgun and double check all equipment before loading.
  • Safety Equipment – always wear eye and ear protection while shooting.
  • Zero Tolerance – never use drugs, alcohol or any other substance which could impair your mental or physical capabilities before or during shooting.