“5 for $5” Champion Firearms Exclusive

“5-for-$5” Program-  test- fire five shots through any range handgun for only $5

  • No rental fee,
  • No lane fee,
  • No ammo fee and
  • No commitment to buy
Money Back- buy any handgun from us and we’ll apply your $5 back towards the purchase. Please Note the following restrictions apply:

  • This program is limited to our range guns– even though we have over 100- different range guns (Click Here for complete list), we simply don’t have every type of handgun ever made on the range. In addition,
    • Used store handguns are eligible (excludes consignment handguns- subject to prior approval),
    • New store handguns will not be eligible to take out to the range and test- fire under the “5-for-$5” program.
  • Make & model purchased does not have to be the same as the one test- fired to apply.
  •  Must be same day purchase to apply: even though the gun store will be closed, our range staff will still be happy to sell  you a gun on Sunday, and then apply the credit towards your gun purchase.
  •  2- gun limit: in other words, we will only be able to credit back up to $10 in test- fire fees towards the purchase of a handgun.
Eligibility- for the “5-for-$5” test- fire program:

  • Must be of legal age to purchase a handgun, or have a parent / legal guardian present to supervise on range
  • Must not be a prohibited person (i.e. from owning or being around a firearm– felon, domestic violence, dishonorable discharge, etc.)